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May 12, 2018

12 May 2018 – In conjunction with the International Nurses Day, celebrated globally every 12th May, The Jerudong Park Medical Centre celebrated their Open Day to appreciate their efforts and contribution towards the community.

The event took place at JPMC and for this year’s theme, ‘Nurses: A Force for Change – Health is a human right’, encouraging the nurses to deliver their healthcare services, dedication for service to the patients and become more knowledgeable in patient’s rights and responsibilities. Jerudong Park Medical Centre conveyed that the value of nurses is vital in achieving high quality care of patients.

“I am delighted to continue supporting the tremendous work the nurses in JPMC do every day in our hospitals, clinics and project areas. Not only does this work shape how well we care for our patients and their families, visitors, it also continues to define our organization’s culture and advances the professional practice of nursing for our community and society”, said Ms. Chung Yea Fui, Director of Nursing at Jerudong Park Medical Centre.

Ms. Chung mentioned that this worldwide celebration came at a pivotal time for nursing day. “There is a nationwide rallying call to action that can unite the nursing profession, mobilize support from all stakeholders in health, and catalyze meaningful advances in health-care delivery and ultimately, improvements in the health of individuals, families and communities.”

“This is of course is in the spirit of International Nurses’ Day – A day which commemorates the birth of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.” Said Ms. Chung. “This year’s theme is “Health is a human right, which advocates that healthcare should be available to all no matter the location, no matter the setting.” Ms. Chung added. The emphasis on the patient’s journey is how treatment is carried out to educate the community the various clinical services from the Outpatient department to inpatient services.

On the day of celebration, the members of the public were involved with various games and activities. Activities were held during the event to provide education and healthcare value for the members of the public. The aim of the JPMC Open Day is to promote strong and stable relationships between members of the public, and the medical personnel in JPMC, to support ABLE Brunei (Down Syndrome Association) as a charity where all proceeds goes to.

The guest of honour, Yang Berhormat Dato Paduka Dr. Hj Md Isham Bin Hj Jaafar, in his capacity as Executive Director of Jerudong Park Medical Centre, officiated the JPMC Open Day event and toured around the JPMC clinical services exhibition booths, and the healthcare studio.

The healthcare studio was part of the activities on the JPMC Open Day activity as the healthcare studio was promoting creative thinking and imagination, anyone can become a doctor, nurse, hospital aide, surgeons and more. The children chose from a range of medical props and practice their own skills and developed their persona. Additionally, part of the studios activities are first aid, bandaging and basic health assessment activity. The Operating Room studio had featured patient safety in surgical environment and available surgical instruments for visitors and non-clinical people to experience.

The exhibition hall was filled with knowledgeable information and entertaining repertoire from various clinical services from JPMC which includes, Outpatient Department, Obstetrics & Gynecologist Clinic, Pharmacy Department, Dental Clinic, Orthopaedics Clinic, Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Operating Theatre, Reproductive Medicine Unit, Paediatrics Clinic and the infection control unit. The purpose of the exhibition hall was to provide an optimized insight of how the JPMC operates and work for the members of the public to know more about the medical operations in one of the best healthcare industry in the Sultanate.

The Jerudong Park Medical Centre’s Open Day were supported by; FiTTerLiVes Sdn Bhd, Times Square, Medix Supplier, Manning Jaya Trading Sdn Bhd, Medetech Sdn Bhd, Dcon Sdn Bhd, Mewah Berjaya Contractor, Aesthetics Medident Enterprise (AME Brunei), Borneo United Enterprise Sdn Bhd, IBIC Sdn Bhd (Sehat), Microsoft (B) Sdn Bhd, Medicorp Sdn Bhd, Cataleya Trading Company Sdn Bhd, Sifana Enterprise, and Standard Chartered.​

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