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24 Hours & 7 Days a Week Outpatient Clinic

The Outpatient Clinic is open to the public 24 hours, 7 days a week. Located at level 3, we offer a wide array of general to specialized medical-surgical services and access to laboratory and imaging tests.

Outpatient consultation:

General Health

  •  24-hour Family Physician/ General Practitioner clinic to see both appointment and walk-in urgent cases
 ​​​Vaccination for adults

Wellness Health Packages

  ​Basic to Comprehensive Health Screening

Occupational Health

  Fitness to work screening for both land-based and off-shore employees (local and foreigners)
  Pre-employment medical check-up
  Insurance medical check-up
 ​ Scholarship/ University medical check-up

Medical Screening for Visa Application

 Australia, New Zealand, and Canada (e-Medical accredited)
 UK Visa (Pre-entry Tuberculosis Screening)

Specialized Medical and Surgical Services

  Breast Surgery
  Endocrinology and Diabetes
  ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat or Otorhinolaryngology)
  Gastroenterology and Hepatology
  General Surgery
  Pediatric Surgery
  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  Thoracic and Vascular Surgery
 ​ Urology

Mental Health Services

  Clinical Psychology
 ​ Psychiatry

Operating 24 hours daily

Contact Details

For further inquiries, please call us at +673 261 1433 ext 2270/2239​

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