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Accessing your Medical Health Records

Accessing your records 

The Medical Records Department maintains all medical records related to the care you have received at the Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC).  Access to medical records is a patient right as stipulated in JPMC's Patient Charter and governed by the JPMC's Release of Information Policy.

JPMC takes the privacy of medical information seriously.  Copies of medical records may be released upon receipt of the following:

1.       Proof of identity (scanned valid photo ID, i.e. Identity Card or passport details page).

2.       Request for Medical Report or Photocopies of Medical Records form.

3.       Authorization form (for 3rd party request only).


The authorization form must be completed in its entirety or we will be unable to release your records.


How to make a request

You may make a release of information request by utilizing one of the following methods:

·         Via the 'Make A Health Record Request' page in this website.

·         Via email:

·         Calling the Medical Records Department at +673 2611433 ext:2139

·         Stopping by at any JPMC counters


Kindly submit the duly filled form along with scanned copies of valid photo ID to our email address: or the form can be mailed or dropped off at the Medical Records Department, Level 4, Jerudong Park Medical Centre, Jerudong Park, BG3122, Brunei Darussalam.


1st Party Requests

As our patient/client, you may request a copy of the information contained in your medical records.  However additional subsequent request is subject to a fee depending on the format of the report.  Further information on charges including incidentals such as delivery and bank charges can be obtained by contacting the Medical Records Department directly.

The release of information applications are generally processed within 10 working days from the receipt of valid application.  Hospital policy requires physician approval prior to release.


3rd Party Requests

If you are seeking access to someone else's records (e.g. a relative, Insurance companies and or solicitors accessing information for their client), patients must authorize the release of their medical information and highlight what information and to whom this information can be released.


Please submit the duly filled Request for Medical Report or Photocopies of Medical Record formalong with the Authorization form found in the links provided.


Make a Health Records Request

All fields are required.


  • No medical information (Signs, symptoms, diagnosis, or procedure details) will be and/or shall be shared through this web-form.
  • All the medical records requests strictly follow JPMC policies on Release of Information (ROI).

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