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Occupational Health


According to WHO (World Health Organization)/ILO (International Labour Organization) Joint Committee (1950), Occupational Health is the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers in all occupations by preventing departures from health, controlling risks and the adaptation of work to people, and people to their jobs. 

Hazards in workplaces such as physical, chemical, biological, mechanical, psychosocial and ergonomic hazards can lead to ill health among the workers. Regardless of whether your workplace is in an office, hospital or factory, there are risks of developing work-related or occupational diseases and sustaining injuries.


Occupational Health Services at JPMC


Usually, work-related ill-health and injuries can be avoided with appropriate preventive measures. In addition, deterioration and complications of occupational or work-related diseases can be minimized by early detection of these conditions by subjecting the workers to a comprehensive occupational health screening process. Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC) is pleased to announce the launching of a comprehensive Occupational Health service to fulfill occupational health care needs of employers' and employees' in Brunei Darussalam. This dedicated occupational health service is provided by a qualified and well-experienced occupational health physician with the assistance of a team of general practitioners and allied health professionals.


The list of occupational health services at JPMC is as below:

• Occupational Medicine Clinical Service
• Occupational Health Surveillance – Pre-employment and periodic medical examination 
• Special category /Statutory medical examinations:
•  Seafarers' medical examinations 
•  Boatmen medical examinations 
•  Driving medical examinations
• Off-shore medicals 
• Diving medical - recreational and commercial
• Aviation medical examination 
• Workmen's compensation assessment
• Disability(percentage of disability) assessment 
• Return to work assessment – after prolonged sickness absence 
• Designing return to work programmes for employees who suffer from injuries or diseases
• Occupational vaccination programme
• OSH and advisory service for employers e.g. setting up workplace OSH programme
• Workplace job risk assessment, OSH audits, risk assessments
• Workplace Ergonomic assessment
• Investigation of workplace accidents, occupational and work-related diseases
• Onsite/in-house OSH training for employees
• First aid training 
• Travel health advice
• Drug and alcohol testing service
• Audiometric(hearing) testing
• Spirometric (lung function) testing


Why are Occupational Health services important?


With these new services introduced, JPMC is able to assist the employers in maintaining a healthy and productive workforce as well as a safe and healthy working environment in their workplaces. According to the Occupational Health and Safety legislation in Brunei, employers are responsible in taking necessary measures to ensure that the health and safety of his/her employees at work are well maintained, where workers' health surveillance and monitoring of work environment play important roles. As such, it is necessary to have an ongoing comprehensive workers' health surveillance program and monitoring of the working environment in the workplace. A well designed occupational health surveillance program will cut down the workplace health care cost including for workmen compensation payment in the long run.

These services are currently available to all employees in Brunei and inquiries and/or appointments can be made through the Outpatients Department.


Details of Occupational Health Screening packages are available upon request.


JPMC Occupational Health Services aim for creating a healthy and productive workforce and a safe and healthy working environment.​​​​​​

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